Please answer the following questions with supporting references, management homework help

1.Trade secrets, copyright, and invention are the keystones to business protection and creative protection. Consider how cyberpiracy is impacting these keystones and how we can better protect our inventions and businesses. 2.

  • Contracts are the basis for both business and most personal transactions.
  • How do contracts impact your business and personal lives and the why are the elements necessary for contract formation in place? 3. Should all contracts be required to be in writing to be enforceable? If so, how would that impact business? If not, how would that impact business? 4.
  • It is important to have codified and easy to follow rules governing the sale of goods and leases. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) does this.
  • Think about how the UCC helps keep business moving forward. 5.Think about the different ways interest in land is transferred and the role the government plays with your rights to use that land and any other use of real property. 6. What role does intellectual property play in your business and who owns that intellectual property?
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