Please Complete the paper for me

I will attach all the needed papers, instructions, and files. I have a completed paper 2 and the one corrected by instructor. Paper 2 leads to paper 3 which is an expanded version which i am expecting you to complete. The resources that will need to be used for paper 3 are the W Edward Demings 7 deadly diseases you will have to somehow include those in there you can find those on google, also if you dont mind and feel like its suitable you could include something from The Abilene Paradox in Organizations and Phrog Farms and how they relate to the organization i wrote about. I will be up so you can give me any questions. So simply all you have to do is correct paper 2 following the instructions on corrected version by professor then according to syllabus about paper 3 which i included as image develop the paper 3 with the foundation that i have already provided using the materials of Deming about his 7 organizational diseases. let me know if you have any questions i will explain more

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