Policy Paper Outline

Policy Paper Outline. Your outline should include the following items:

  1. Title of your policy
  2. Policy number
  3. Date policy takes effect
  4. Responsible office or individual
  5. Policy statement: 2-3 sentences outlining the policy for the employee decision area under scrutiny by you and the supervisor you interviewed. (This is basically the thesis of your outline and policy paper.)
  6. Reason for policy
    1. Brief introduction
    2. Background information from interview and other sources. (Stories, statistics, facts, etc.)
    3. State a minimum of three reasons for policy
      1. First reason with supporting details
      2. Second reason with supporting details
      3. Third reason with supporting details
    4. Conclusion(Include a short paragraph conclusion)
  7. Persons affected by policy
  8. Related information – ideas for implementing policy, other similar policies, references to other research about this issue.
  9. Contacts – Individual you interviewed, other contact ideas from research.
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