Political and Business Climate, assignment help

Political and Business Climate(2000 words)

The political climate and business climate are closely intertwined. Some nations make it easy for business people to open businesses. Some welcome Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) while other nations make it difficult for foreign businesses. Corruption may be an issue in some countries. For this assignment, you need to analyze the political and business climate of your selected country. Following are some questions that you may want to consider:

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  • What type of government does the nation have?
  • Is corruption an issue?
  • Is it easy or difficult to start a new business?
  • Are there domestic entanglements that must be considered such as domestic content rules?
  • How free is the economy?
  • Does the “rule of law” prevail?

Here is what you need to do for this assignment:

Provide key details about the country’s political system and current political leadership.

Provide a summary table and explanation from the Doing Business link documenting how easy or difficulty it is to do business in that country.

Provide a summary table and explanation from the World Governance link to summarize the level of political stability in that country.

Provide a summary table and explanation of the country’s overall risk from Euromoney’s Country Risk link.

Provide an overall summary of your estimate of political and market risk.

Suggested Resources:

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