Power Point Nursing theory Lydia Hall 4 to 6 slides only plus references slide

▪Nursing Theory PowerPoint Presentation.This is a group project this is my part…Lydia Hall The 3 Cs Nursing Theory. (im doing the CORE, and the strengths and weakness of the whole theory)WIKI Project Guideline:1    4 to 6 slides plus a reference slide  on the nursing theory (THE CORE & the strengths and the weakness)2    responsible to create 2-3 voice-over PPT (FEMALE VOICE) slides on their designated topic area.3Please note that APA format is required within the PowerPoint presentation. Reference slides are required at the end of the presentation.This assignment will be graded according to the following rubric:Criteria PointsWIKI content                                                   8APA in-text citation and reference page         4Multimedia Inclusion                                       3Total                                                               15

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