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presentation about communication

Please read all the directions carefully:

Read the attached files and submit the following:

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1) Presentation Prospectus:

in a word document, (1-2 pages) submit the following:

  • The broad topic which you are exploring
  • Your key idea (thesis statement) which you wish to share with your classmates
  • An outline of your presentation
  • An explanation of how you are going to do your presentation (PowerPoint)
  • An annotated bibliography of all works cited/used in your presentation.

2) Presentation:

(at least 15 slides) Using at least two credible outside resources

By using PowerPoint, make sure that it can “stand alone” as a teaching tool. Most speakers use PowerPoint to clarify that which they are saying.

  • The title of your presentation
  • The key idea you have chosen to share in your presentation
  • The information which you wish to share with your classmates
  • Works cited/bibliography

One thought provoking question to which your classmates can respond substantively

* I will send the rest of the chapter soon.

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