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PREZI Presentation. Senior nurse training new RN hire on the most prevalent patient safety issue in the unit…

PREZI PRESENTATION (cannot be powerpoint or other software)TOTAL OF 6 TO 7 SLIDESTOTAL OF ONLY 350 WORDSAPA FORMAT2 REFERENCESYou are a senior nurse in your nursing unit and have been asked by your manager to develop a 5 minute presentation using Prezi presentation software, the presentation will be used for training new nurse hires on your unit.The presentation should present the most prevalent patient safety issue (one issue is good) in the unit and how you prevent the safety issue from occurring based on evidence from the literature and policy from the unit.The presentation must be created using Prezi software (no other presentation software i.e power point), should not have more than 6-7 slides ( in other words only 6-7 slides, slides will be in lieu of the 350 words described in the forum rubric directions for the  initial post),you can have voice over for the slides and you must have at least 2 references to support at least one slide’s content and a reference list in APA format.

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