Probation or Parole.

Write a 1,750–2,100 word paper analyzing what conditions determine if an offender will be given probation or parole. Answer this according to your own location by researching your state’s statutes or legal requirements, and use this information to support your thoughts. You must use at least two credible sources from the Kaplan Library beyond the text material and include how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used.

Consider the following in your discussion:

  1. What are the administrative responsibilities of probation and parole caseloads?
  2. What are the classifications of probation and parole caseloads?
  3. What factors might influence the decisions of the parole board, if your state has one?
  4. Who sits on the parole board, and how are they placed in that role?
  5. Discuss the role/job of parole and probation officers beyond their administrative responsibilities.
  6. Utilizing the Kaplan Library, include a minimum of two outside references to support your analysis.
  7. Describe how you evaluated the credibility of the Kaplan Library resources.

Format your work consistent with APA formatting for references and citations.

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