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What percentage of states has fewer than 900 registered nurses per 100,000 in population? Does the collection of states represented by this percentage generally represent a specific region of the country? If so, which region might this be; if not, why not?How many states have a number of registered nurses per 100,000 in their workforce in the range of 1,100-1,248?Which age range has the highest number of registered nurses working, according to Census 2000?  According to ACS 08-10?Approximately what percentage of the registered nursing workforce is 61 or older, according to Census 2000?  According to ACS 08-10?In which setting(s) did the estimated number of registered nurses more than double?Overall, how do the graphs of the age distributions for the RN workforce and the LPN workforce compare?Describe 2 additional pieces of information that you can read from the data displays.

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