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Project 3, part two 8% of the course gradeObtain a recent advertisement for a Nurse Practitioner job opening and submit it. The job must be primary care job that is related to your specialty of study (AGNP or FNP), and open to new grad NPs.  Write a list of 10 questions you would ask the interviewer at an interview and give hypothetical answers and submit through this assignment link. The questions should be in-depth, can’t be all about benefit questions.  Plus, you need to post your questions and answers under Project 3 part two group.  Respond to two group members’ postings by comparing the answers from your interview (2 points), anything new you’ve learned from your classmate’s posts? be prepared to discuss in class.The advertisement link is below:Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner – Manhattan, NYhttps://g.co/kgs/mpKRPVPart 2A. Find an advertisement for a primary care (must be primary care) Nurse Practitioner position in ANY CURRENT publication. (New York Times, Nursing Spectrum, online ads, etc.) Bring it to the professor for approval.  Failing to show the instructor the ads might result in a failing grade for the project. (P/F)B. Write a comprehensive list of questions (at least 10) that you would need to ask the interviewer at the interview and answer them hypothetically according to your interpretation of the NP role base on the advertisement and your research of the employer and NP role.

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