Project Assignment:

Project Assignment: (LOA 3)Part 3: MethodologyBuilding upon the previous sections of the proposal you are developing with respect to the extension of a published study, this project assignment requires you to consider the methodology you might use in collecting data for this proposed study. Specifically, you must address the operationalization of the variables for the proposed study.First, using the potential variables you identified in Project Part 2, identify the dependent and independent variable(s) that can be used to best measure the constructs associated with the research question. Next identify the data type of each variable and summarize this information in a table such as the following:Construct Variable            Variable Type                        Data Type                        Example:Student Satisfaction         Instructor Ranking              Dependent                      OrdinalAssume that a survey questionnaire is the most appropriate instrument for collecting data on these variables. For each variable you have identified, create 2-3 questions that would be used in a survey instrument to collect the data needed to accurately measure the variable. For each set of questions, carefully consider whether the wording of each question will ensure that you will obtain the same results when administering the survey more than once (reliability) and whether the set of questions are measuring what they are intended to (validity).When you have completed the questions, write a short assessment answering the following questions about validity and reliability:Do the questions fit the variables being studied?Do the options provide appropriate measures of the variables?Can the options skew the responses?Does the instrument accurately measure the variables?Will the instrument yield the same results if used again under the same circumstances?Submit this assignment (4-5 pages).

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