Project name and idea for network and security

Identify the topic of your Project and provide a 2-page Idea Paper. Example: Consider the Interaction between the Network and Security.Title page not required, just the name of the project should be fine.Body – not more than 2 pages pleaseReferences on the last pageNote:Use only Peer-reviewed journals to research the above questions. (When Applicable)Adhere to and properly apply the Basic Citation Styles of the APA (Use as a reference the APA Manual.).If you use another author’s ideas, concepts, and words, you need to cite the source and give credit to the author. Not citing in-text the source will be considered plagiarism, and you will receive a zero (0) for your assignment. Do not cite the textbook as a source.Do not copy and paste information from the Internet. (You will receive zero (0) for your Assignment). Paraphrase your sources but remember to cite every source you use.Use the Sample – APA – Paper provided as a formatting guide to submit your assignment (“Check for grammatical errors”).Make sure you include an APA formatted Title Page per the example provided.References list must be formatted per APA.

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