Project Summary

a) You will have a Title page that mentions the subject and what it’s about. Be creative with your title.b) The Table of Contents will list: Introduction, the hypothesis test, Conclusion, AppendixNote: Since you are using Excel, you will be putting a screenshot of your Excel work in the Appendix. You will also put in any other raw information and notes you used.The Introduction informs the reader the issue that is being addressed in the report. It’s going to be fictional.Example) Is it about the eating time like I mentioned in the syllabus? So you could say something like, you read in an article in Newsweek Magazine that it usually takes 25 minutes to eat a meal. But you think it’s actually longer than that. So you decided to test it on yourself.Example) Is it about Uber vs Lyft? You could say that you saw on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC that Uber was better. By better you think (time or $ your choice) but explain why. Then you decided to test it yourself.Example) Is it about basketball? Such as you were watching ESPN and someone said that a good NBA team scores at least 100 points. But you think that’s too much. So you decided to test it.This statistical study is about … I decided to do it on … because …I hope that after you finish reading this study you willNow that the reader knows what your project is about, you are going to show the testing and analysis.You are going to have a HypothesisMath formulas and calculationsNumerical and statistical answer.2. The claim that I saw on Fox News (NOW I DON’T WANT THE ENTIRE CLASS SAYING THAT THEY WERE WATCHING FOX NEWS, GIVE ME DIVERSITY) said…(but/and depends on your study) I thought … so I decided to test it on my own.3. The Conclusion will take the result of the previous section and put it in regular words.This means, the previous section ended with a ‘scientific statement’ that the ‘normal person’ can’t understand.So in the conclusion, you will write it so that if it was being presented on tv for everyone to understand.Example) Is eating time usually longer or shorter than 25 minutes?Example) Is Uber a better deal than Lyft?Example) How is the quality of the NBA teams?4.Here, you will put screenshots of the Excel screenshots and calculations.Also, you will put any graphs OR you can include the graphs in the Hypothesis test itself.Put a title for each like:Raw dataalso in the raw data,put information that’ll make it make sense like the dates.Graphs with titles and labels.ClaimOppositeHoH1Reject or Fail to RejectScientific ending statement: There is…evidence…

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