PSY-311-Module 3: Discussion 5

Community Interventions, Community StoriesIn order to deepen and demonstrate your understanding of community interventions and the community psychology skills needed to implement them, you’ll draw from these Internet resources:AMHSA (2010, October 4). (Vermont) Prevention Works When We All Work Together Retrieved from University of Kansas “The Community Tool Box,” Community Stories webpages and Google Scholar.“Community Stories: A Community Intervention Resource,” a document with a table to enter the findings of your exploration.Carry over: From your exploration of the Community Stories webpages and from your own Internet search, take notes on:1 domestic and 1 international Intervention you explore on the University of Kansas “The Community Tool Box” webpages1Community intervention that interests you from your own Google and Google scholar search of community interventions (Be sure that there is a connection with community psychology.)Focus on:The strengths each intervention,The challenges of each intervention, andThe community psychology skills needed to implement each.Think about: how to organize your notes into succinct points.Fill in the collaborative class chart, “Community Stories: A Community Intervention Resource.”Enter the following information in the appropriate boxes on the table:The name of each of the 3 interventions you choseThe strengths you identify in the implementation of each and the rationale for these strengthsthe community psychology skills necessary for the implementation of each.Review the information that you see entered by classmates to think about the best way to express strengths and challenges of the interventions as well as the community psychology skills to implement them.You may want to make some revisions to yours during the week.There are no responses to classmates for this discussion.

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