psychology 200

Research today has identified that biological influences are some of the main factors contributing to psychological disorders. Environmental stressors and psychological trauma are also contributing factors, but because Chapter Two discusses the biological foundations of our functioning, that’s what you’ll be focusing on for this writing assignment.So here’s what I would like for you to consider:In most cases, the younger the person is when they get anxiety or depression, the more likely it is to be caused by biological factors (hereditary). That makes a very strong case for the consideration of medication as part of the treatment plan for children anxiety disorders and depression.What are your thoughts on this practice? Specifically…. if knew someone whose child was prescribed medication for their treatment, but they were strongly against medicating their child, how would help this person understand the benefits of having their child take the medication? And one last thing to consider….. some of the statistics on the number of children taking prescribed psychotropic medication for psychological disorders is pretty alarming. What are your thoughts on children being medicated for psychological disorders in general (including such things as depression, anxiety, and even ADHD)?

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