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Quantitative Business Analysis

Do not send me requests until you have read the attachmentsThis is a Pass of Fail grade for a final course must be 100% quality work.You must be excellent in math Quantitative Business Analysis’sYou must have an excellent recommendationsYou must have more than 100 feedbackI am looking for a math expert to write a report in word format using the following attached documents to include an example of the report format, excell sheet with all data, rubric and Project guidelines and questions.This is two parts a Word document with written explanations and data formating along with the actual excel sheet that will have the full data.Your report must contain the following:• A title page in APA style.• An introduction that summarizes the problem.• The body of the paper should answer the questions posed in the problem by communicating the results of your analysis. Include results of calculations, as well as charts and graphs, where appropriate.• A conclusion paragraph that addresses your findings and what you have determined from the data and your analysis.• In-text citations from a minimum of three sources in addition to your textbook. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to locate these sources.• A reference page to include a minimum of 5 referencesSubmit your Excel file in addition to your report. NOTE: Submitting your Excel file will aid in grading with partial credit if errors are found in the paper.

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