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Lexie wants to have a heel-toe race with her older brother Josh and her sister Hannah. She says, “My feet are smaller so I should only have to go a shorter distance than you two.” Her sister says, “that makes sense. Let’s race our ages.” They measure off 7 feet for Lexie ‘s track, 16 feet for Josh’s track and 10 feet for Hannah’s track. “Now let’s measure our shoes,” says Josh. “my shoe is 1/2 of a foot.” says Lexie. “Three of my shoes add up to 2 feet.” says Hannah. Josh says his shoe is exactly a foot long.WHO NEEDS TO TAKE THE FEWEST STEPS TO WALK THEIR TRACK? EXPLAIN HOW YOU FOUND YOUR ANSWER.HOW MANY MORE STEPS DO THE TWO OTHERS NEED TO TAKE TO FINISH THEIR RACE?WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN THE RACE? WHO WILL TAKE LONGEST TO FINISH?  EXPLAIN YOUR REASONING.

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