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Since you have made the selection of the property that you are going to purchase, you are now ready to move forward. You have contacted the listing real estate agent or broker. He or she has shown you the property, and you have fallen in love with it. The next step in the process is to put in an Offer to Purchase.

Using the Internet, locate the Offer to Purchase used by the state of Florida in real estate transactions. Usually, if there is a real estate agent involved, he or she may be involved in drafting the Offer to Purchase. In addition, attorneys – ergo paralegals – can also be involved in the drafting of the Offer to Purchase for clients. In this case, you do not have an agent or attorney, so you will be drafting your own Offer to Purchase.

The following is the seller’s information for the Offer to Purchase:

  • Names: Dudley J. and Jayne M. Smith
  • Address: 1987 Ford Street, Miami, FL – 3316
  • Telephone: your area code-555-4545
  • Earnest money of $1,000
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