this is Building Your Professional Image class

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• Reflections should be 3-5 paragraphs and discuss the following:

• What did you learn about yourself (i.e.: strengths and blind spots, etc.) and

how does it specifically apply to your career considerations. Use specific

examples to support your statements.

• How does this information alter or not alter your perspective or understanding

of what work environments may be best for you. Given the team focused and

project driven environments of the global workforce, compare and contrast

your style with current workforce demands. What adjustments will you need to

make and how will you use this information (or not) to help you make a more

informed career choice? Use specific examples to support your statements.

• As you reflect on your role within teams, which role(s) do you usually fulfill?

How can you use this report (or not) to become a better team member or

communicator? How do your strengths and blind spots support and/or

challenge your ability to be effective in your role(s)?

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