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Reflection on learning strategy

Here are some questions to consider as you reflect on your strategy for learning and mastery of new material.Please address each bullet point under both of these topics in a thoughtful 1-2 paragraph response.Strategy:Have you figured out a study strategy that works well for you?  For example, do you have a fixed time each day or certain days of the week dedicated to your studies?Do you find the eText or the videos more useful for helping you learn? Have you used other resources that you would like to share with your classmates?Describe how you use ALEKS. Do you jump right into solving problems, using the text and videos only when you get stuck, or do you read and watch videos BEFOREstarting the problems?Mastering Content:Which concepts or problems have you found to be the most challenging so far?  What did you do to overcome this challenge?  What do you still have questions about?After working through the problems in ALEKS, do you feel confident in your abilities to solve problems?Are you “comfortable being uncomfortable” with new material?  This means you have a growth mindset and are open to new learning, even if it means being confused for a while and making some mistakes at first.  It’s OK to “get it wrong” and ask questions!  Visit Change your Mindset  (https://mindsetonline.com/changeyourmindset/firststeps/index.html) for some tips on becoming more comfortable facing new challenges that may feel frustrating to you.  If learning math makes you uncomfortable, what can you tell yourself so you feel more confident

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