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Reply to this post for the theoretical class

Reply to this post with at least 300 words, 2 scholarly references in APA format within the las 5 years of published.When we look at the effectiveness of professional care that is provided by healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors compared to the support that is given by the social network of parents that have children facing chronic illness. We see that nurses are more equipped to handle such situations compared to other social networks the parent may have due to the effective training that they have to go through to be certified.We see that nurses are equipped to be able to determine the spiritual well-being of parents that are faced with the possibility of losing their young ones. Spiritual training is of the essence in the training of healthcare professionals as through this they can decipher the spiritual well-being of parents (Cleary, et, al. 2018). This is done through the use of various tools in the nursing profession that are used to decipher the spiritual well-being of the parents and the steps that they need to take to overcome their predicament.Nurses can be compassionate, in a manner that follows set guidelines hence eliminating any errors that may happen in case this type of spiritual counseling was done by a non-professional. Through being compassionate and showing care, nurses can prepare parents for the outcome that may arise in case their young ones kick the bucket. For instance, nurses are trained to decipher the spiritual needs of given individuals. Through this, they can then provide medicare in a manner that observes the norms and traditions that a given group of people observe. We also see that the response that nurses provide is structured in a manner that observes all real-time data and circumstances that may occur in a treatment procedure for chronic disease.On the other hand, support that is provided by personal relations and other social networks tends to be not ingrained in facts about the patient(Xiong,Yi & Lin,2020). Such support may end up providing a false sense of hope for the parents. Such support eventually ends up affecting parents psychologically as they are not coping with the right set of mind that is needed to help their suffering children as they undergo treatment. Hence we see that it is imperative that professionally provided support be put in place in circumstances where parents are facing the demise of their children through chronic mental illnesses, as through this, they will be able to recognize the facts in details of the situation at hand hence be ready for the potential outcome. This plays a huge role in how they will be able to support their children who are suffering from chronic mental illnesses by providing support and preparing them for the outcome of their children’s conditions.ReferenceCleary, M., Kornhaber, R., Thapa, D. K., West, S., & Visentin, D. (2018). The effectiveness of interventions to improve resilience among health professionals: A systematic review. Nurse education today, 71, 247-263.Xiong, H., Yi, S., & Lin, Y. (2020). The psychological status and self-efficacy of nurses during COVID-19 outbreak: a cross-sectional survey. INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing, 57, 0046958020957114.

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