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Research Paper

BCOM 3304 Writing Intensive Report


  • Exercise designed to guide students into analysis and argument experience with current topics influencing real-world business practices.
  • Students will demonstrate competency presenting a written research report.
  • The research paper provides student experience in processing a formal analysis report using standard business formats.
  • Student exercises clear and reasonable discourse using discussion patterns that analyze a debate of selected components of a narrow topic thesis.


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  1. Choose or devise a narrow business or academic topic that is controversial and arguable, and decide how to engage and present a discovery process of pro-and-con viewpoints concerning this topic. Search texts and/or databases for information supporting each side or position, and collect documents. Bring these materials together, examine them and determine a line of argument and persuasion necessary for a good and suitable report. Do internal citations for outside information and provide a reference page using the appropriate APA formatting. Provide conclusions and recommendations reasonable with the argument process.


  1. Formal Report Format
  • Title page giving name, course and section number, topic title, and date.
  • Index or Table of Content page showing document arrangement.
  • Summary page (Overview) of the selected topic and narrow thesis that demonstrates its importance and influence.
  • “Pro” analysis, minimum four pages
  • “Con” analysis, minimum four pages
  • Conclusion and Recommendation, two or more pages
  • Reference citation page
  • Appendix, if needed
  1. You will take the responsibility to produce an intelligent, readable, and interesting research paper. Most papers are 10-15 pages in length.

Topic Selection

Choose a topic in your field of employment or academic discipline that has current interest, review, or study that concerns debatable issues. Engage a study of these issues, then devise a narrow thesis of one issue, or issues closely related, that guides a developed presentation of the opposing viewpoints of this issue and your own stance and position in the debate. Show that the narrow thesis will investigate two or three important segments or components of the issue that drive the debate. Reputable outside sources will be sought for both sides of the debate, and the focus of each side will concern each of the two or three selected segments or components of the thesis. This type of confined and deliberate focus produces strong, sound, and rational arguments that aligns your stance and position on the thesis subject.


An Executive Summary reveals the topic, a subject of issue in the topic, and a narrow thesis with selected components that drive the debate about this subject. Your stance in this debate promotes brief statements about your conclusions and recommendations regarding this subject.

The body of the research paper involves the debate over this subject by reputable outside sources whose published information and quotations are properly cited using APA internal citation methods. The best and standard debate method introduces a single segment or component of the thesis subject, then shows the critical debate and proponents of each side of this issue. Then the next segment or component is debated, and so on until the end of the debate. This division of debate topics produces sound and substantial information suitable for a critical audience.

Your conclusions about this subject have their foundation in the preceding debate, and you may follow one side of the debate or establish you own viewpoint on the subject. Whichever way you choose, present your case for this stance and judgement. Doing this promotes your closing recommendations and appeals about this important subject.

The research paper ends with a REFERENCES sheet citing sources used in the paper, and these listings follow the format governing proper APA citation.


 Other Topics for Consideration

Select one topic from the list below that becomes the subject of your Research Paper. Study this subject and derive a narrow thesis that points to a current debate existing with some topic important to this subject.


  • Texas budget crisis
  • Single components of the SA 2020 Plan
  • Texas gas/oil operations and development: Boom or Gloom?
  • Management-labor disputes: Case History study
  • Federal intervention or regulation or oversight in corporate business
  • EPA/global warming issues and policies
  • Trade/Tariff agreements, policies or laws or sanctions or protectionism
  • Current healthcare debates
  • Nuclear energy business and competition / Thorium nuclear energy
  • Current stock market issues or mergers
  • Agriculture shifts / food costs / food commodity regulations and trade
  • Water conservation and distribution cost debates
  • Questionable business practices
  • Economics of Poverty
  • The business of Women’s Fashion






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