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Research paper & Case Study

InstructionsRead the case study below and place the answers and rationales for your answers in a Word document in 300 words or more using your own words.Chapter 13: Young and Middle AdultsCase StudyMr. Don Sampson is a 22-year-old Caucasian male who is admitted to the psychiatric unit for substance abuse treatment. He is addicted to alcohol, cocaine, and barbiturates. He has a history of legal problems related to the substance abuse, including two driving under the influence (DUI) charges, drunken disorderly conduct, and assault and battery charges. The court ruled that he attend an inpatient treatment program for his addictions.Wayne is the nursing student assigned to Mr. Sampson. Wayne’s priority in caring for Mr. Sampson is to ensure safety, manage withdrawal symptoms, and promote comfort.As Wayne is talking to Mr. Sampson about his addictions, Mr. Sampson tells Wayne that he suspects he may have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) since he is experiencing discharge from his penis. Wayne informs the health care provider, who then orders an STI panel. Wayne knows that which of the following diseases will be tested for in the panel because of its high rate of incidence in men Mr. Sampson’s age?Genital herpesSyphilisAIDSGonorrheaChlamydiaSampson is 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 238 pounds. Wayne teaches Mr. Sampson that obesity is linked to which of the following illnesses? (Select all that apply.)Type 2 diabetesHigh cholesterolAsthmaJoint problemsUrinary tract infectionsSampson is a member of the ___________ generation.InstructionsSubmit an APA formatted paper of no less than 750 words describing the components of the communication process, including factors that influence communication.Answer the questions “What is therapeutic communication?” and “what are therapeutic communication techniques?”Make sure you use at least three references and look for peer reviewed journals as well as websites that end with .edu, .gov and .org.The grading criteria is based on the following:Clarity (relevant information and ideas) – 20Depth of ideas (analysis of information from sources) – 20Organization (sequencing of ideas) – 10Mechanics (grammar, spelling, APA format) 15Timeliness of posting – 10References (quality, amount) – 15Length of the paper – 10P.S. Research paper should include title page, body of the paper (text), and reference page, all parts following APA format.

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