Research Question and Hypothesis

Develop a research question and hypothesis around a health informatics  topic from your reading or group discussion. Be sure your question shows  clarity and be sure to clearly define the extent of the problem you  intend to research. An example of a question is: Will patients who  receive daily feedback from their provider lose more weight than  patients who only see their doctor monthly? Include a hypothesis related  to your question that you will either prove or negate during your  project. Also include what type of hypothesis you have defined  (one-tailed, two-tailed, null). Here’s an example of a hypothesis:  Patients who receive text alerts from their providers daily will lose  15% more weight than patients who do not (one-tailed). Identify at least  three resources you will use for researching your question and  hypothesis and list them in APA format. Provide an annotation for each  resource, to demonstrate how and why the resource is being used. Use this  list of resources link to several databases you will find useful to  reference through your assignment. These can be used to meet the  requirement of two secondary resources.US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health websiteMedlineCMSAt least two of your resources should be from this  list.Please meet Criteria!Proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling with a minimum of two resources listed. Correct use of APA format.Clarity and definition is apparent in the research questionHypothesis defined and clear

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