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Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by suggesting additional individuals and/or teams with whom you wish to collaborate or by offering additional networking strategies.

Hello  everyone, my name is Shana, and I am currently an ICU nurse in  Michigan. Being a full-time mom and a full-time nurse, accessibility and  independence in school is a must. I knew it was time for me to continue  my education but needed a place that allowed me to complete tasks based  on my own schedule. After doing my research and following a few leads  from coworkers, I ended up here at Walden!In  Walden’s mission statement, the words “transform diverse nursing  professionals into champions of change” stuck out the most to me. Being a  bedside nurse has made it evident that healthcare is a constant work in  progress. Change requires prepared and responsible professionals, which  I aspire to be. Walden’s goals tell me that they want to support their  student’s success in these areas. One of these goals is to “Empower  diverse nursing professionals through academic advancement that enhances  personal growth, professional development, clinical reasoning, and the  desire for lifelong learning” (Walden University, 2022). This goal means  that Walden will strive to prepare me with the skills necessary to  advance my clinical practice and develop strategies to continue to  improve myself.I  appreciate Walden providing tools that allow work/school balance. I can  continue working and being present for my daughter while I also have  the opportunity to network with professionals who are on the same  mission. Networking is vital in progressing as a professional. In an  article titled Professional Networking in Nursing, author Kristen  explores the importance of networking in uncovering job opportunities.  She says that according to a LinkedIn survey, 85% of all jobs are  secured through networking. Many of these with robust referral programs  and incentives (Hamlin, 2022). I got my current job because of a  referral from one of my nursing instructors. Living in a small rural  area makes networking challenging for me, but Angelina Walker highlights  ways of networking remotely. Walker speaks specifically on social  media, stating, “With access to resources and tools, at the click of a  tab, social media is quickly becoming the number one resource for  professional networking. It is one of the most effective ways to build  alliances” (2022, Walker). Social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook  host millions of people and have proven helpful in my personal life  early in my career. Walden already incorporates some remote strategies  with the class café and Facebook page!

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