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Post by Nicole Vasquez2 days agoThe Great ReversalIn the words of the writer Justo L. Gonzalez the great reversal is “the world upside down, exulting the humble and bringing down the mighty from their thrones, feeding the hungry and making those who are overfed work for their bread, breaking the bows of the strong and giving strength to the weak” (Gonzalez, p.31, 2015).  This theme emerges in Luke 19-24 when the widow makes her offering and Jesus exults her though it was meager in comparison to the rich people’s offering. The theme also emerges when Jesus the king of the world humbles himself to the point of a slave’s death for the sake of sinners.An example of the great reversal I have seen in my own experience is when I saw a sign on a homeless person’s tent praising Jesus during Christmas time. I thought it was beautiful that someone who was homeless could not only praise Jesus but announce it so that all would see it. This example shows how Jesus feeds the hungry with his spirit and love. Though this person had little in worldly means they were definitely rich in spirit.The “2014 Hunger Report” does not demonstrate an effort to realize the implications of “the great reversal” in modern-day America by making food available to everyone. In order to have a great reversal, the high would have to be made low. It would be reversed if the people who had all the money humbled themselves and used their money to help the hungry.Post by Bertha Baltazar2 days agoRe: Week 4 | Discussion – The Great ReversalIn Luke’s Gospel he talks about situations in which things do not turn out as expected for those involved.  Specifically, Luke talks about the reversal of roles for those who are “rich” and those who are considered lowliest.  But the reversals are not limited to only social class, but to the religious as well.  Examples of reversal of roles or expectations in Luke are parables like the “Rich Man and Lazarus,” which tells the story of Lazarus who settled for eating the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table.  When both died, Lazarus was carried by the angels to Abraham and the rich man was sent to Hades.  In the end it was the rich man who was begging for Lazarus to help his thirst (Luke 16:19-31).  The great reversal is believing that God can turn everything around for those who live a privileged life and those who are poor and struggling.  This theme carries over in Luke 19-24 by showing not only that roles of people can be reversed but that Jesus loves all people, regardless of their belief or status.In the “2014 Hunger Report,” attempts to understand how situations like “the great reversal” are affecting modern day America.  We often hear how “the rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer” and in this report, the results of a 2012 election poll prove that many people feel this is true (p.29).  This group is attempting to make a change and even out the playing field for all.  The hope is to help those who society has turned on like the unemployed.  But this help isn’t just about making money, it’s about providing a better-quality life for these people, this also includes helping achieve healthy personal lifestyles.In my personal life, I have witnessed and personally experienced moments of “great reversal.”  A situation I witnessed was at work when a co-worker who often belittled others, because he thought he was above them was overlooked for a promotion.   Although he had been working at the organization for a long time, management decided to hire someone who was often the target of this person’s ridicule.  In my personal life, a moment when I experienced a great reversal occurred when I was younger.  I was working for this company and finally making what I thought was “good” money.  Because I was younger, I did not think about ever saving any of it and spent it on materialistic items and having fun.  I was living the life I had wanted for so long, until the company decided to relocate to San Diego. I could not move that far so I was unemployed for six months.  It was terrible, I had no money and could not afford to buy the simplest of things.  At the time, it was terrible because I had no savings and regretted it so much.  However, I learned from that experience and have tried to never make those mistakes again or take what I have for granted.ReferenceBread for the World Institute. (2013). Retrieved from 2014 Hunger Report: Ending Hunger in America:

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