Review the Academic Honesty Policy, business and finance homework help


1. The Originality Rate should not be higher than 17-20%. It may be higher due to similar References that other class members’ use.

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2. Paraphrase your research. Do not copy word for word the content for your paper.

3. Review the Academic Honesy Policy. This provides several suggestions on writing papers.

4. Papers should have a Title Page and References.

5. Use of Headings help to clarify and organize papers. It also reduces the potential of omitting a section from your paper.

6. Do not overuse quotes. If you do use quotes, ensure the quote is in parentheses with the Author, Year, and Page Number of quote.

As a Guideline in writing the Final Project, EACH Critical Element of the Rubrics should be a Heading.

Using headings will help organize your paper and to ensure elements are not omitted.

Work completed in the Milestone Drafts will be a large part of the paper; however, review all feedback that has been provided over the past several weeks for the Milestone Drafts and incorporate the recommended changes and additions.

Attached are the previous milestone.

Additionally, trim excess on the Drafts to meet the 12 to 14 page length, which does not include the cover page and reference page. Please do not cut and paste entire Milestone Drafts into the Final Paper as they are just Drafts.

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