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Risk Analysis

Using the information provided in the below case study, identify the areas of potentialconcern and what recommendations you have to address those concerns in less than 500 words.The scan results provided is from a server found in a University Research Department. A researcher asked for this asset to be reviewed for their project. The project is dealingwith COVID samples to produce a vaccine.It is safe to assume omitted technical aspects, but assumptions should be mentioned in the discussion with the screening committee before recommendations are provided.The response back to the screening committee should be a written response, similar towhat would be sent to the researcher. This written response should be submitted backto the screening committee. Once the written response issubmitted, in the 30-minute virtual meeting, you will need to present your findings to awide array of technical and non-technical people. You may choose any method of howyou deliver these findings and your response.The roles that will be present in the virtual meeting are as follows:Departmental member in charge of all IT Risk for the department (Risk Executive), a department ITManager, a Research Principal Investigator, and an IT Systems Engineer.For each role, please consider the following areas to focus on while drafting a response:Risk Executive:  Defining cost benefit, difficulty to address change (amount ofwork), policy compliance, etc.Department Manager:  Time to immediately remediate and then on-goingactions needed.  Cost of service or hardware to remediateResearch Principal Investigator:  Work to mitigate risks such as creatingprocedures.Systems Engineering:  Technical changes and the need to make this recurring orto provide updates.Scan Results:A) Ports:TCP/UDP 137-139   Open to Internet for Server B023AQTCP                     80      Open to Internet for Server B023AQTCP                     443   Open to Internet for Server B023AQTCP                    1433-1434 Open to Internet for Server B023AQTPC/UDP           3389   Open to all workstationsB) All employees are allowed to RDP to their workstations from anywhere off siteC) All servers are located in a single rack in one data center. No provisions areavailable to replace the hardware in a disaster (unless insurance can cover thecosts). No alternate site is available to relocate employees after a disaster.D) There is no documentation regarding the logging requirements for anysystems.

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