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Based on the reading of the case study, Smart Cookie, PDF In attached files, your self-marketing knowledge, write a 5-7 page letter to the hiring manager at Oreo describing your ability to expand the international market. Utilize strategic planning tools and/or reports to demonstrate your understanding of company goals in relation to your ability. Connect your self-marketing efforts to how you currently plan with your team by sharing with the Oreo hiring manager how successful you have been with running your own team and organization or how you have learned from mistakes made while running your organization. Be sure your paper adheres to the APA Style with support from a minimum of two external sources. The following is the citation for the case study that should be included in references

Clements, S., Jain, T., Jose, S., & Koellmann, B. (2013). Smart cookie. Business Today, 22(7), 108-112.

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