Semester Goals- “Feeling Paper”

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program- goals could include mastering pharmacology and psychotherapy interventionsYou are to write 4 pages double spaced scholarly paper focusing on evaluating your goals for this semester.Please follow APA format, your paper should have a cover page, double spaced and utilize your course reading and Library resources for your evidence and References.This journal is to state your goals for the semester based on reflection of the clinical experiences.What are you learning and clinical goals?How do you plan to achieve them?Make them realistic and measurable.Ethical and moral dilemmas may also be a part of your reflection and observations. This is a feeling assignment. Reflect on how you are feeling for this semester.Conclusion.Reference pageYou will have total of 4 pages includingPage 1-Cover page,Page 2-3, Body of the paper,Page 4,- Reference Page)

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