servant leadership

Servant leadership is a type of leadership style and philosophy where an individual interacts with others to achieve authority rather than power (Kenton, 2021).  When a mentorship using servant leadership helps improve skills and is very supportive. This can also be true with a public health professional. With the use of servant leadership to find a greater earned respect and trust in a team. With both mentorship and a public health professional, it is important to use the 10 principles of servant leadership. These 10 principles are important as they allow for a leader to help individuals and understand who they are and their role in the group. We have great leaders, especially when discussing civil rights on using servant leadership. It is important to find a commonality with our citizens. It shows not only awareness but also stewardship. Most great leaders use servant leadership to improve their own leadership skills. By allowing to use of listening skills, empathy, awareness, persuasion and all the other principles of servant leadership increases an individual’s power to become a leader.Reference:Kenton, W. (2021). Servant leadership. Investopedia.

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