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Service Level Agreements

As you craft your initial post, you will be using information from your texts, along with conducting independent research with sources outside of the required texts. Start your discussion with the following questions:What are your thoughts on cloud computing and virtualization? Use your independent research to forecast and substantiate the future landscape.Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are extremely important when discussing the relationship between a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and their customers.  Research what elements should be included in a SLA.  What could go wrong if a SLA is not thorough and complete?Considering the items you researched above,   In your opinion why are SLAs important?  Don’t forget to consider the financial aspect as well.It is also important to consider the physical vs. the cyber issues in regard to SLAs, What are these differences and how do you ensure they are covered within a SLA?Provide examples of how a SLA can benefit both the CSP and the customer,  in preparing for your discussion, research thy dynamic of the relationship between the CSP and the customer to fully understand the benefits.Keep in Mind: You will need to perform independent research beyond the course text materials in order to discuss and explain the elements of a comprehensive and well-thought-out position. Consider all facets that are necessary to be proactive and successful in evaluating not only what is happening now, but also the potential future landscape.Submission Requirements and ResourcesIn order to facilitate group discussion and take into account the varying student schedules, please post original responses by Day 3 of the Week at 11:59 pm CST.  Discussion boards will close Day 7 of the week at 11:59 pm CST each week.Head over to the resources page,Discussion Criteria: Submissions and Engagement.to view specific discussion requirements, examples, and the discussion rubric.A HINT about Conference Discussion at the Masters Level: Try to get your initial post in early in the conference week and dialogue with your classmates through the conference week.   Think of our online as discussion in a traditional classroom.Posting your initial post and your responses at the last moments of the discussion week would be similar to entering a traditional classroom and discussion with 10 minutes left in the class – missing the discussion and dialogue raised by your classmates. Remember,  the intent of our conference discussion is to drive the discussion to the next level…  the Masters Level of scholarly discussion.Also…  posting early has its benefit, as you do not want to say the same thing that a classmate states. Finally – please  use academic citations to fortify your position

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