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Setting the Stage for Success

You know from your many experiences that success generally does not just happen.  Motivation and determination are important factors.  Planning and following the plan are important activities.  Let’s talk about your thoughts on how you can be successful in this math class.This document provides more detail on what you need to plan for during this class: Time Management for Successful LearningPlease answer each of the questions in a separate paragraph.1.       What are your expectations and what are your concerns?2.        What initial time management plan will you try to implement (realizing that you may tinker with this as the class moves along.).3.    Are you an active learner? ExplainAs an active learner, youRespond to questions and comments from your faculty member.Ask for clarification when you do not understand or need more information.Participate regularly and fully in class discussion.Try to apply your instructor’s suggestions in your later work.Ask for help when you need it.  from Get Started – Undergraduate Students4.  The answers to the following questions can be found in CONTENT >> Getting Started and CONTENT >> Syllabus and Course Home > Calendar.a.  What is the email for your Instructor?b.  What date is Problem Set 1 due?c.  How many points can you earn for your work in the ALEKS objectives?d.  What is the focus of week 5?e.  When is the final exam?

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