SOCW 6060 wk7

Discussion: Values Underlying Theory and the NASW Code of EthicsEvery profession has a code of ethics that guides professional behavior. In social work, the NASW Code of Ethics guides the behavior and decision-making practices of social workers. It is important that the theories social workers select in working with clients align, or are consistent, with the values and ethical principles identified in the NASW Code of Ethics.  In this Discussion, you align ethics and theory in relation to practice.  To prepare: Review the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics listed in the Learning Resources.Post: •Select feminist theory or empowerment theory. Summarize the underlying principles and values of the theory in 3 to 4 brief sentences.•Analyze the extent to which the underlying principles and values of the theory are consistent with the NASW Code of Ethics in 3 to 4 brief sentences.•Briefly describe a client from your fieldwork experience and their presenting problem in 2 to 3 sentences using the theory you selected.•Identify one ethical standard from the NASW Code of Ethics that would apply to the client you described.•Explain how the theory is consistent with the work you did with the client and the ethical standard.

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