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Solve the problems using excel-Optimization Models with Integer Variables

Review your understanding of the material by working through the problem sets. Pay particular attention to the problems indicated by the colored box around the problem number.  You can compare your work on those with the solutions that are in the Student Solutions manual.  You should find the Conclusion pages 324-325 a good review of what you should have learned in this module.40-You are given a group of possible investment projects for your company’s capital. For each project, youare given the NPV the project would add to the firm, as well as the cash outflow required by each project during each year. Given the information in the file P06_40.xlsx, determine the investments that maximize the firm’s NPV. The firm has $25 million available during each of the next five years. All numbers are in millions of dollars.44-To graduate from Southeastern University with a major in operations research (OR), a student must complete at least three math courses, at least three OR courses, and at least two computer courses. Some courses can be used to fulfill more than one requirement: Calculus can fulfill the math requirement; Operations Research can fulfill the math and OR requirements; Data Structures can fulfill the computer and math requirements; Business Statistics can fulfill the math and OR requirements; Computer Simulation can fulfill the OR and computer require- ments; Introduction to Computer Programming can fulfill the computer requirement; Forecasting can fulfill the OR and math requirements; and Data Mining can fulfill the OR, math, and computer requirements. Some courses are prerequisites for others: Calculus is a prereq- uisite for Business Statistics; Introduction to Computer Programming is a prerequisite for Computer Simulation and for Data Structures; and Business Statistics is a pre- requisite for Forecasting and Data Mining. Determine how to minimize the number of courses needed to satisfy the major requirements. (Hint: Because Calculus is a prerequisite for Business Statistics, for example, you will need a constraint that ensures that the decision variable for Calculus is greater than or equal to the decision vari- able for Business Statistics.)

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