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Sou Sou Mathematician

1st Assignment:I need 3persuasive email messages that will convince an individual to join my earn $63k in 21 days group, Below are 2 examples, please make them stronger.EXample 1:Hi ! My name is and I am in the same telegram group with you. I am apart of this amazing community. They are super supportive and we want EVERYONE to win! This opportunity is not for everyone but I feel like you have the right mentality for this. Can I invite you to the thread so you can see how the community works?2nd exampleHi I would like to invite you to our $63k opportunity.1. Day 0: All gift exchanges are scheduled for Sunday’s. When you are notified of your gift-in date you will gift $500 as outlined in your gifting instructions and be able to identify your circle.2. Week 1: Your $500 circle closes and you are gifted $4,000. You keep $1,500 and re-gift $2,500. You become a fire in the $2,500 circle.3. Week 2: Your $2,500 circle closes and you are gifted $20,000. You keep $14,000 and re-gift $6,000. You become a fire in the $6,000 circle.4. Week 3: Your $6,000 circle closes and you are gifted $48,000. You have now completed the cycle.The difference between us and other circles is that we must work together! The people who I bring in must get gifted so that I get gifted… complete team work and we also have tons of leaders who recruit people and communicate daily. You get paid 1 week after you enter then the next 2 weeks after that. You’ll receive a total of $63k in 21 days!!!Although it is ideal if you can come in with two people, we help with finding 2 people if you are struggling. The board splits only once to allow every individual that come in on Day 1 to be gifted on week 1.2nd Assignment:I need a persuasive email to my supervisor requesting a 3 cpu monitor configuration due to the amount of data and the numerous programs I work with at one time.

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