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How much detail should be in state constitutions about public education?

An example is the Florida Constitution. As of 2014, it governs over details, like pupil numbers. Look at that constitutional provision.

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Compare this with the way at least one other state governs education. Consider the risks and benefits of leaving most educational policies to statutes and administrative rules. Cite all of the sources you use. Do not copy and paste. Once you have quoted and cited a source, show your own thinking.

For your discussion forum, you are asked to consider the question of having too much detail in your constitution—what are the risks and what are the benefits? The issue you will focus on in this consideration is public education.

Keep in mind that constitutional provisions are often broad statements about rights or legal authority (e.g. the right against self-incrimination). Some states (through the process that applies in their state) amend their constitutions to include very specific provisions related to certain activity (e.g. that a certain percentage of lottery proceeds go to environmental and artistic projects, or three strikes laws). As you look at your my state (Wisconsin) law related to public education think about whether there is a lot of detail or just broad statements about the responsibility States regarding education.

(1) identify the specific provision in Wisconsin constitution that deals with public education, (2) remark on the amount of detail in Wisconsin’s constitutional provision, (3) compare it with similar provision in another state, and (4) take a position about how much detail should be in state constitutions about public education.

Please note: You do not have to compare your state to Florida! Please make sure this assignment is done correctly, use Wisconsin and follow the instructions above!

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