Summons and complaints

Step 2: After completing your research, use the document below to create a Summons for the case that was outlined in the Module 03 Course Project Introduction. The last name for the parties in the introduction is Johnson (John Johnson and Mary Johnson). Find the correct trial courtroom in your state for this civil matter case of wrongful death. Use your state’s court information for the caption.


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Step 3: Now view the Complaint shown below. Remember this is a wrongful death case and not a personal injury case. You will need to change the caption and the allegations to fit your scenario of the wrongful death case. You are only given a few details in the Introduction and can make up the rest of the allegations for your document to sustain a wrongful death case. Put both your Summons and Complaint on one document. Create the Summons on page 1 with the Complaint starting on page 2.



  • Your paper must be at least two pages.
  • Your paper must address proper party names, proper caption, and proper allegations for a wrongful death case.
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