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SWOT Analysis

This assignment is to conduct a SWOT strategic analysis for a company or organization of your choosing.  Your analysis should include the following steps:Step 1:  List SWOT elements (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)Step 2:  Analyze and rank factors within each categoryStep 3:  Combine categories to identify actions and options that link internal and external factorsStep 4:  Look at all the actions and options and use them to inform overall strategic decisionsHere is an illustration of the 4 steps for a local ice cream shop. Doc -1 moose chocolateIMPORTANT:  Cite all sources you use for information and analysis.  You need to cite the source on the slide as well as list them in the References page at the end.You should submit your analysis in PPT following this template doc-2

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