Team Analytical Report

You’ll be writing an indirect style analytical report for your company. This can be a hypothetical company your team makes up or a real company. Your manager (or you/the team) realizes that some product or service you need in your department is obsolete, needs updating, etc. so you can do your job more effectively. Your task is to research three companies/brands that offer this product/service. You will put the research for ALL FOUR (or three if you have a team of 3) companies/brands in your report. At the end of the report, you will make your recommendation for which one of the three will work best for your company so that hopefully this can be purchased. You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) just go buy the first one that comes along because that wouldn’t be smart. You want to make sure you think about your company’s resources and needs so that you make a choice that’s a good fit for the employees. Now, as for the criteria, I have no set number of criteria to include. Remember, these are the categories or features of the product/service you’re evaluating to help you make the decision. Gather research from product/service web pages, online reviews of the product/service from outside sources, and other research you find. Keep up with the necessary source information you’ll need for the references page and the parenthetical documentation.

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