The control model is where the correlational staff has the power of controlling, law assignment help

You stated, “The control model is where the correlational staff has the power of controlling the movements and activities in prison. According to the Texas Department of correlation, all the inmates should be well shaved and at the same time well dressed. It is the role of the prisoner to ensure that he or she can remain clean and be able to follow the rules and the regulations governing the institutions.” Is the control model to strict for inmates?

According to Wortley (2002), “The control model aims to reduce prison disorder by monitoring prisoners so closely, keeping them so busy and enforcing the rules so strictly that they are unable to engage in misbehavior.”

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If the control model does adhere to the book and run the prison in such a way that it leads to less inmate misbehaving then why is this model not used in all prisons and for all populations? As you mentioned that this model might be a good fit for death row inmates; would this model not also be a good fit for the entire prison population to help maintain order?

Wortley, R. (2002). Situational prison control: crime prevention in correctional insinuations. Retrieved from…

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