The environmental movement in the United States, law homework help

1))))The environmental movement in the United States seeks to protect forests and other pristine lands. To most Americans, respecting natural lands and animals probably is consistent with their ethical system. In some other countries, laws protecting the lands do not exist.Farmers and ranchers routinely “slash and burn” in order to farm or raise livestock, and loggers harvest trees indiscriminately.There is no ethical dilemma, since their society accepts these practices as normal and necessary.

In this instance, their society’s definitions differ from the American definitions.Is this an example of:deontology, egoism, cultural relativism, OR absolutism? Explain the definition used for this answer.

2)Explain the public servant role and the crime fighter role and why the two may be inconsistent.

3)Describe how organizations can become corrupt, according to Trautman’s “Corruption Continuum.”

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