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The Intersection of Psychology, Victimization, and the Legal System

As discussed in the lessons for this unit, being a victim of a violent crime is traumatic. In fact, research shows that higher severities of victimization are associated with an increase in the number of co-occurring disorders a person may experience. However, as your lessons highlight, introducing trauma into the court process is still problematic.In this activity, you are going to practice your presentation, visual, and analytical skills by creating a presentation focusing on one of the following issues: Battered Woman Syndrome, the Neurobiology of Sexual Assault, Rape Trauma Syndrome, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In this presentation, you will introduce the topic, give a brief history of the legal issues associated with your topic, and discuss why it is still a complicated issue before the court. The specific steps are as follows:Select any 1 of the following contemporary issues:Battered Woman SyndromeNeurobiology of Sexual AssaultRape Trauma SyndromePost-Traumatic Stress Disorder2. Create a presentation with the following breakdowns:1 slide introducing the selected issue3 slides dedicated to an overview of the relevant legal history2 slides discussing its associated legal issues

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