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The purpose of this assignment is help you assess your leadership style through a combination of self reporting instruments and feedback from others.

Instructions:Complete the following questionnaires located in Northouse’s text.A. Leadership Trait Questionnaire. For this questionnaire alone, ask five other people, preferably work colleagues, to fill out the questionnaire on you . You need to answer the questions as well. Follow the scoring instructions at the bottom of page 38 (6th edition) and develop a chart like the one on page 39. Present that chart and the results.  Where are your perceptions and the perceptions of others similar or dis-similar?  Select 5 traits and discuss how those traits show up in everyday behaviors. THIS IS THE ONLY INSTRUMENT where you are asked to get feedback from others.C. Style Questionnaire:D. Path Goal Leadership Questionnaire:E The Servant Leadership QuestionnaireF. The Psychodynamic Approach surveyG. Authentic Leadership Self Assessment.Based upon the results of the questionnaires, create a leadership profile that describes how you tend to lead. Your profile should include the following:Provide an overall description of your leadership style written in the third person. This profile summarizes the the information that you learned about yourself from the results of the questionnaires.List your strengths as a leader as identified by the questionnaires.List your possible weaknesses as identified by the results of your questionnaires.Describe what your subordinates (if you had any) would like about your leadership style.Describe what your subordinates might find challenging about your leadership style.Develop an action plan that would address some of the things you would like to get better at as a leader.Create an Appendix (A) and place the results/scores you received on each of the questionnaires. Build tables to present your results. You do not have to include the questions from each questionnaireCriteria:Cover Sheet8 page limit/ double spacedAriel 12 pointPLEASE OPEN THE ATTACHMENT FOR THE  INSTRUCTIONS

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