This activity will cover the important basics of small business, business and finance homework help

Part 1. This activity will cover the important basics of small business. I would like to see your responses written in essay format but you will not need to include an introduction or conclusion. In the first paragraph, explain the significance of small business in the U.S. economy. In the second paragraph, discuss two advantages of small businesses and two reasons small businesses fail. In the third paragraph, please discuss each of the following elements: customer value, cash flow, digital resources and e-commerce. In the fourth paragraph, briefly discuss Newman and Gross’s 5 types of value. Finally, make sure you include both in-text citations and a list of your works cited in all of your activity posts.

Imagine yourself as the small business owner from the discussion section above.
Please remind the class of the small business you are operating this semester. (MY FICTITIOUS BUSINESS IS A DISC JOCKEY (DJ)…MOBILE DJ) Which two of Newman and Gross’s values would you be most likely to cultivate in your company and why? Now discuss your business strategy. What are some of the specific benefits to using this approach in your imaginary company? What are some of the costs/limitations of choosing this strategy? In-text citations and works cited are required.

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