This is a two part discussion board, can you answer these by tomorrow 12 noon

For this week’s 2 part discussion board, you will explore leadership responsibilities as they pertain to stewardship of resources. Please review the video by Alex Steffen titled “The Shareable Future of Cities”(Ted Talk) found in your Reading this week.

(Part I) Use your observations from the video and your textbook to post a 350–450-word response to the following questions:

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  1. Explore your reaction to the video. How do you think nonprofits can address the challenges outlined by the speaker?
  2. Stewardship is a concept which refers to responsible management of resources. From a leadership perspective, explore how the concept of stewardship extends beyond the borders of the organization. Being a good corporate citizen can oftentimes seem at odds with maintaining profitability. How might a leader ethically manage the conflict that can exist between these two goals?

(Part II) Denhardt, Denhardt, and Aristigueta (2016) note that “conflict management is an important part of any relationship, any group, or any organization” (p. 321). For this week’s Discussion, you will explore means of managing conflict within the organization.

To complete this Discussion, you will need to provide an example of a workplace conflict. You can use an example from your own work experiences, a case study, or a hypothetical example. Once you have identified the example you wish to use, post a response that incorporates the following:

  • Briefly summarize your case study at the beginning of your response. Avoid being too detailed in your summary. Basically, you should state the nature of the conflict in a sentence or two. You will be providing more details in your analysis.
  • Analyze your scenario according to the stages of conflict — frustration, conceptualization, behavior, and outcome. Use the four stages to describe how the conflict unfolded and what resolution, if any, was reached.
  • Apply the information from the chart on page 343 of your text to your scenario. Choose one of the options from column one of the chart that you believe best explains why the conflict escalated. Then, discuss how the corresponding leadership role in column two can be used to help address the conflict. Provide a specific action strategy that demonstrates the leader’s role according to the suggestion in column two.
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