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Training and Development Plan

You will need to review the attachment I have submitted for the Motors and More.  Also I have attached the questions here as well.  This needs to be in APA Format.  Multiple sources need to be used as well as the motors and more case study.  I will need this back by Tuesday by 5:00pm.Develop a human resource development (HRD) plan. Given the fact that Motors and More has no formal training program and promotions have been based on seniority, your plan should address:A. New-employee training.B. Current-employee training for current and future jobs according to a career path.C. Manager and supervisory training.In your training plan, address the following:A. How will you conduct a needs assessment for each group (include methods and instruments)?B. How will training content be developed or obtained?C. How will training be delivered (e.g., classroom, intranet, blended, self-study, etc.) and by whom internal employee or external consultant/trainer)? Provide a rationale for your decision.

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