Trends in Popular Entertainment, homework help

Write a 700-1,400 -word pitch to either a movie or television producer. Your pitch will explain your idea for a new TV or movie program that is based on current market trends. You will need to research what the popular genres are in either movies or television and write your pitch with the intention of selling a story that falls in line with what is currently profitable. Here are some great tips on pitching to get you started:…

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Include an analysis discussing how current popular entertainment trends do or do not reflect American cultural values and their influence on social behavior as well.

Cite your textbook or other assigned reading, your W3 Learning Activities, or other reliable academic sources to support your ideas. Be sure to include intext and reference page citations for all outside sources and enclose direct quotes inside QUOTATION MARKS.

Please note that quotation marks are mandatory for any text copied into your assignment from an outside source and source citations are mandatory for any thought content that is not your own.

Format your paper according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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