Two Cultures Collide, management homework help

1,This week, we discussed three key areas of training: onboarding, diversity, and harassment. Has any of these areas been a priority for training in your organization? If so, which one(s)? Why do you think your organization considers this training a priority?

2. Read the article Two Cultures Collide: Bridging the Generation Gap in a Non-traditional Mentorship(Merriweather & Morgan, 2013) at What can organizations learn about diversity and cross-cultural mentoring from Dr. Lisa and Miss Berta’s story?

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Merriweather, L. R., & Morgan, A. J. (2013). Two cultures collide: Bridging the generation gap in a non-traditional mentorship. The Qualitative Report, 18(6), 1-16. Retrieved from

3. Think about an interteam challenge or conflict that you have either been part of or have observed in your organization. Describe what the issues were and discuss what steps you would take to reduce the chances of conflict escalation between the teams if you saw this occurring in the future.

Please answer three questions.

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