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You have to use the assignment you previously completed as reference- it is attached.Service Learning Experience  For this assignment you are to select a service learning experience in your community and participate in that experience. Some example of appropriate service learning experiences include, but are not limited to:•Attending a meeting of your local health department.•Attending a PTO meeting that focuses on a health issue.•Attending a faith-based meeting that addresses a health issue.•Volunteering four hours at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen and observing health issues related to the populations you are serving.You may choose the event, but the focus of the event must be health-based.  In addition, the service learning experience should also include one of the following expectations:•Itmusttake place in, or be focused on, the community/neighborhood that you observed for your Windshield Survey in Unit 3.•It must involve the diverse or vulnerable population that you described in your Windshield Survey in Unit 3.•It must focus on or address the health concern that you described to complete your Windshield Survey in Unit 3.Once you have completed your service learning experience, write 2–3 pages detailing your experience. When composing your report you should include the following components:•Title page.•A brief description of the event you attended, and why you selected this event.•A brief description of how the event was connected to your work on the Windshield Survey.•A brief explanation of the purpose of the event you attended (for example, discussing the spraying pesticides to reduce mosquito population to control West Nile Virus, a report on the predicted nutritional effects of adopting a new school lunch program, or to answer questions about a proposal for community health responses to seasonal flooding, et cetera).•Brief notes on the impact that community stakeholders had on the focus or outcomes of the event.•Brief notes on the impact that community diversity had on the focus or outcomes of the event.•An explanation of the impact that the event did have, or could potentially have, on the health of the community.•A description in which you detail the impact of the event on the community’s health and the role nursing might play in the outcome. For example, if you attended a PTO meeting where the focus was making sure that elementary school children have PE, the impact might be that PE may reduce the incidence of childhood obesity, and the role of nursing might be to help formulate a healthy lifestyle plan.•Minimum of three resources, including at least one peer-reviewed journal not required for this course.•APA Format.•Times New Roman font, 12 pt.

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